Ivoclar Vivadent and 3Shape collaborate on offering esthetic dental imaging technology

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The software application “IvoSmile” from Ivoclar Vivadent, which is based on augmented reality (AR), will be integrated into orthodontic and restorative applications from 3Shape. Earlier this day, both companies announced a cooperative agreement to realize esthetic dental treatment visualization in these areas.

The IvoSmile app, developed by Kapanu, the AR technology specialist of the Ivoclar Vivadent Group, uses augmented reality to visualize esthetic dental treatments in real time. The visualized treatment options are based on live images recorded with the help of an iPad.

IvoSmile allows you to show your patients views of themselves before and after an orthodontic or esthetic dental makeover by looking into a “virtual mirror”, without any obligation. Additionally, the 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator app proposes a specific orthodontic treatment outcome based on intraoral scan images.

Orthodontists who work with a 3Shape TRIOS can simulate the orthodontic treatment result using the TRIOS Treatment Simulator app. Then, the simulated situations are transferred to the IvoSmile app to visualize the proposal in the patient’s mouth. This allows the patient to see the possible treatment outcome in real time, e.g. during speaking or smiling.

“IvoSmile is a top-notch consultation tool which allows you to actively involve patients and excite them. This increases patient compliance. We are pleased to announce that this technology, apart from being used for restorative treatments, can now also benefit orthodontic treatments thanks to our cooperation with 3Shape”, says Michael Taube, CMO of Ivoclar Vivadent.