Cention N: A new alternative to amalgam

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Schaan, Liechtenstein – 16 January 2017

Innovative filling material for the complete and permanent replacement of tooth structure in posterior teeth

For years, glass ionomers and amalgams have been used successfully within their indications as filling materials. Nonetheless, there is a considerable demand for alternative filling materials. The main reasons include the low flexural strength of glass ionomer cements, the intrinsic grey colour of amalgam and the fact that amalgam contains mercury as one of its components. Now there is a new alternative.

Cention N offers tooth-coloured esthetics together with high flexural strength. The new filling material belongs to the materials group of Alkasites. The patented alkaline filler increases the release of hydroxide ions to regulate the pH value during acid attacks. As a result, demineralization can be prevented. Moreover, the release of large numbers of fluoride and calcium ions forms a sound basis for the remineralization of dental enamel. The initiator system enables good chemical self-curing.

Tooth-coloured esthetics
Cention N is a tooth-coloured filling material with a high translucency of approximately 11%. This allows Cention N to blend in naturally with the surrounding tooth structure, while covering discoloured dentin at the same time. Thus the new product is more eshtetic than amalgam and glass ionomer cement.

High flexural strength
Clinical studies have confirmed that a flexural strength of > 100 MPa is an important factor for long-lasting restorations. This is where Cention N considerably differs from glass ionomer cements. At > 100 MPa, the new product offers very good flexural strength for the stress-bearing posterior region.

Simple use
Cention N is remarkably simple to use. It does not require the use of a primer, varnish or curing device. Up to seven working steps can be saved compared with the application of conventional glass ionomer cements (clinical procedure according to the Instructions for Use of Fuji IX GP from GC). Only dosing, mixing, filling and finishing are required.