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Active Seniors

BPS brand prosthetics mainly addresses the group of "Active Seniors". This continuously growing potential clientele would like to enjoy their lives without limitations and they are also willing to pay for the corresponding quality products.
To support your BPS marketing measures, Ivoclar Vivadent has analyzed the target group of "Active Seniors" in more detail.

More than two-thirds of your 50+ patients are willing to pay a higher price for high-quality brand products. At the same time, this target group is also the most attractive one as far as financial considerations are concerned. Therefore, BPS brand prosthetics also represents a long-term, profitable concept for your dental practice.

Discerning and self-confident - the "Active Seniors"


"Active Seniors" enjoy the good things in live.They prefer high-quality products, on which they can fully rely. Moreover, they are ready to pay a fair price for high-quality products and services.


"Active Seniors" have a positive outlook on life and their own personal style. Their self-assurance acquired over the years as well as their refined taste allow them to select products that underline their individuality and suit them well in every respect.


"Active Seniors" are individuals who enjoy life to the full. They are enterprising, health-conscious people. They like to pamper themselves, body and soul, and strive for overall well-being.