IPS InLine System

Make it InLine!

Optimized workflows as well as increased productivity and efficiency in the lab: The IPS InLine metal-ceramic system offers ease and flexibility – both give users decisive advantages in today’s dental lab routine. Dental professionals can choose from a variety of processing procedures and products according to the specific clinical situation. With this material system, all types of restorations can be manufactured – from restorations involving a straightforward layering technique to highly esthetic veneers.

Powder Opaquer for even greater variability

The optimized IPS InLine System Powder Opaquer complements the IPS InLine metal-ceramic system and has a decisive effect on the bond strength. The Powder Opaquer is suitable for the press-on and layering technique and is used in combination with only one Powder Opaquer Liquid. Furthermore, it can be applied conventionally with a brush or application auxiliary or with the spray-on technique. Frameworks are fabricated using either conventional casting methods or digital processes.

IPS InLine PoM

Economically efficient leucite-reinforced metal-ceramic.